Wrightia religiosa 5.5 inch square pot

Family:Apocynaceae. Common Names: Water Jasmine.  Small tree native to SE Asia to Southern China. White fragrant flowers in clusters spring through fall.  Sometimes used as a bonsai. New growth is flexible and easy to train.  Grows well in a container and can be kept trimmed to a compact size. Plants bloom when young.  Full sun to light shade; areas with low humidity will require more shade. This plant requires lots of water during the growing season; may be briefly dormant in the winter.  Well drained slightly acidic soil. Use a complete fertilizer with micro-nutrients. Easy to grow in Hawaii. On the mainland protect from freezing and cool temperatures.  Outdoors in Zone 10B and higher.  Grown in 5.5 inch square pots (2.6 litre volume) and are approximately 2.5 to 3.5 ft. tall.

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Wrightia religiosa 5.5 inch square pot
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