Theobroma cacao (cacao or chocolate) 10 fresh Seeds

Cacao is the source of chocolate.  Tropical small tree native to rain forest of South America. Now distributed throughout the tropics.  From seed, plants take about 4 years to begin bearing.  Most of my plants are trinitario. I have  a few high quality forestero plants from seed that originated in Ecuador; pods are yellow.  Also, a type from the Amazon basin with good quality sweet pulp; pods are yellow and leaves are about 1.5 times the size of our other cacao types.   Warm humid growing conditions are best.  Protection from wind is a must.  Some shade is best in hot areas.  Well drained soil high in organic matter. Do not over fertilize; too much fertilizer can burn the roots.  Outdoors in USDA Zone 11.

Theobroma cacao
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