Syzygium aromaticum- Cloves 5.5 inch square pot

Common Name: Cloves.  Dried unopened flower buds are the source of the spice.  Native to Indonesia but grown in many tropical areas now. Medium sized tropical tree that needs high humidity and warm temperatures.  Requires a well drained slightly acidic soil. Iron, magnesium and other micronutrients are required to maintain deep green leaf color. Do not apply excess calcium or the plants will become chlorotic. Soil must be kept moist but not too wet.  In Hawaii, plants can be grown in full sun. If exposed to full sun when humidity is extremely low, plants may sunburn.  Young plants are somewhat difficult to establish and need extra attention until they reach several feet tall.  Fertilize with a slow relase fertilizer several times per year.   Out doors only in Zone 11. Shipping weight 3.75 lbs. 

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