Rollinia deliciosa (Biriba) 5.5 inch Square pot

Small tree native to the Amazon basin. Widely cultivated in tropics now. Fruits ripen to bright yellow and weigh 1 to 3 pounds. Sweet soft flesh with very good flavor. Trees need full sun and humid conditions. Grows best where nighttime temperatures rarely fall below 60F. Keep moist; water during dry periods. Slightly acid soils with some organic matter worked in before planting. Fertilize several times per year with composted chicken manure or a citrus fertilizer. 5.5 inch square pots (volume 2.6 liters) plants will be about 20 to 30 inches tall when shipped in August and September.

Grown in 5.5 inch square pots (pot volume 2.6 liters).  Stems are 18 to 32 inches tall when shipped. Be prepared to move into a larger pot.  

Certified to ship to all 50 US states.

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Rollinia deliciosa (Biriba) 5.5 inch Square pot
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