Piper betle (Betel Leaf) 5.5 inch square pot

Vine or shrubby vine native to Southeast Asia. Fragrant leaves are used to wrapped betel nut or spices mixture called pan. Also, this species has several medicinal uses.  The ones that I have now have strongly flavored medium sized leaves with a smoky scent when crushed.  We will have a selection with smaller leaves and more compact growth available soon.    Growth is vigorous in light to medium shade.  Well drained potting mix is required. Prefers slightly acidic soil with lots of organic matter.  Vines will require some support. In high humidity roots will form at each leaf node.   Not expected to tolerate cool or cold temperatures; avoid prolonged temperatures below 50F or 55F.  Outdoors in Zones 10B to 11 or in a sunroom or greenhouse.  Plants are well rooted and typically 3ft or longer. 

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