Mucuna sloanei (Yellow Jade Vine) 5.5 inch square pot

Clusters of yellow flowers in the fall and winter. Vines are vigorous and require a strong trellis, fence or pergola for support. A few large seed pods form after flowering.  Seeds are about 1 inch in diameter and in South America are known as ojo de vaca (cow's eye).  These are sometimes washed down to the ocean and are found on the shore. This one of several species that are know as sea beans.  Vines may need pruning to maintain size.  Outdoors in areas where temperatures rarely fall below 50F or protect in the winter.   Slightly acidic well drained soil.  Fertilize with a general purpose fertlizer with micronutrients; the fertilizer should contain iron and magnesium or use a secondary/micro-nutirent supplement. 

Mucuna sloanei
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