Mangifera odorata (kuini) 5.5 inch square pot

Delicious juicy and sweet fruit ripen to a yellowish green or light green. Ripe fruits have a strong scent. Can be picked when the scent becomes strong. Good eaten fresh or in smoothies. This species is Anthracnose resistant and will bear even in wet climates where the common mango rarely fruits. Trees have a nice conical crown. Leaves are a bit larger than the common mango and new growth is a deep maroon. Grows well in any well drained slightly acidic soil. Growth and fruiting will be better if fertilized with a general purpose garden fertilizer. Outdoors in Zones 10B to 11. Since this is a lowland equatorial species, I don't expect much cool or cold tolerance. Due to the large size of the seed, plants are not centered in the pot.

Mangifera odorata, Kuini
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