Garcinia sp. (madrono del monte) 4x4x10 inch tree pot

Common Name: Madrono. Medium tree native to tropical rain forest of South America. Glossy dark green leathery leaves. Fruit is reported to be good. Young plants need some shade and protection from wind. Use a soil high in organic matter. Use a fertilizer that contains iron and magnesium to maintain deep green leaf color. Calcareous soils with high pH may cause yellowing. I don't expect this species to tolerate cool temperatures and freezing will likely kill this plant. The South American Garcinia species were formerly in the genus Rheedia. Botanist moved all of the Rheedia species into Garcinia some years ago. Outdoors in Zones 10 to 11. The pot is 10 inches deep so have a pot at least 12 inches deep for repotting.

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