Garcinia macrophylla 4x4x10 tree pot

Syn. Rheedia macrophylla Family: Clusiaceae.  Common Name: Bacurpari.  Prized in South America for its edible fruit. Medium sized tree with large dark green leathery leaves; leaves are narrower than G. magnifolia. Probably dioecious; male and female plants required for fruiting; we can't tell until they bloom. Young plants need some shade. Protect from dry wind. Prefers a slightly acidic soil high in organic matter; do not put lime or dolomite on this plant. Use a complete fertilizer with micro nutrients. Iron and magnesium help maintain deep green color. This species was formerly classified as Rheedia macrophylla. Botanists moved all of the South American Rheedia species into the genus Garcinia. This species is not expected to tolerate cool or cold temperatures. The tree pots are 10 inches deep. When transplanting into a larger pot be sure to use one at least 12 inches deep. Plants are typically 32 to 39 inches tall when shipped; ie. about 2 years old. Shipping weight 3.75 lbs. 

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