Garcinia humilis 4x4x10 tree pot

Family: Clusiaceae.  Common Names: Achachairu, Bolivian mangosteen. Prized in South America for its sweet edible fruit.  Trees are self fertile; only 1 is required to produce fruit.  If the fruits are tart, they are not ripe; it may take an additional 3 to 4 weeks to ripen after the fruit begins to turn yellow. Wait for the fruits to develop a deeper orange-yellow color before picking.  If there is heavy fruit set, some fruits may begin to abort; these small fruits with no seed are not very good. You may need to thin the fruit a bit if there is a heavy crop.  Peel can be used to make a tea; cover the peel of 2 or 3 fruits with a quart of boiling water and steep 10 to 15 minutes and sweeten with agave nectar.  Although I have a single plant that is fruiting, 2 or more best to ensure pollination.  Small to Medium sized tree with 4 to 6 inch long dark green leathery leaves. Young plants need some shade. Protect from dry wind. Prefers a slightly acidic soil high in organic matter; do not put lime or dolomite on this plant. Use a complete fertilizer with micro nutrients. Iron and magnesium help maintain deep green color.   This species is not expected to tolerate cool or cold temperatures. The tree pots are 10 inches deep. When transplanting into a larger pot be sure to use one at least 12 inches deep. Plants are approximately 20 to 26 months old and 22 to 35 inches tall.  Shipping weight 3.75 pounds.

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Garcinia humilis 4x4x10 tree pot
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