Dioscorea sp. (Air Potato) 5.5 inch square pot

Most likely D. esculenta or D. bulbifera. Vigorous vine with large aerial tubers; size ranges from a few ounces to over a pound.  Tubers are edible cooked.  Grown in the Philippines and throughout the tropics.  Heart shaped leaves are approximately 6 inches in diameter.  Needs a fence or strong trellis for support.  Full sun to medium shade. Plants grow quickly even in poor rocky soil. Fertilizing will increase yields. Tubers mature in the late fall or early winter as the vines begin to go dormant.  Vines die back in the winter and new growth typically begins in March or early April.  This is a tropical species and may need protection during the winter in cold areas.  Probably Zone 9.  Vines are typically 8 to 12 ft. when shipped; we can usually coil them in the boxes with no or minimal trimming. 

The best time to order this vine is late March through May.  If  you want to purchase tubers, they are avaliable by request in the fall to late winter. 

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Dioscorea esculenta, air potato
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