Dioscorea alata (5.5 inch square pot) Ube

Common Names: Ube, purple yam. One of the true yams not a sweet potato.  Vigourous twining vines with purple on the stems, petioles and leaf veins. Can be grown in a large pot (15 or 20 gallon) or in an area with deep soil. Tubers can become very large.  Provide a trellis or stakes for support.  Growth is fast in the summer and fall. In Hawaii, vines begin to go dormant in December and harvest can be done in December or early January. Usually vines produce a few aerial tubers for propagation.  The deep purple tubers can be steamed and peeled. Cooked yams store well in the freezer and make a great addition to baked goods. In the Philippines Ube Halaya is a popular dessert.  Outdoors in Zones 9 and higher.  Full sun. Fertilize with a general purpose garden fertilizer.

Dioscorea alata
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