Cordyline fruiticosa 1 ft. tip cuttings

We can provide a limited number of 1ft. tip cuttings from a few cultivars. Be sure to specifiy in the comments section which one(s) you want when checking out:

Rooster Tail is a robust cultivar with curled dark red leaves. Young cuttings are a bit slower growing than other varieties. Once established it becomes fast growing. It looks best full sun but will tolerate medium shade. Fertilize several times per year. Keep moist. Outdoors in Zones 10B to 11 or as a house plant in cold areas. 

Lilinoe is dark red with medium to large leaves. Robust grower that develops its best color in full sun to light shade. 

Variegated: white and green stipes in the leaves. Fast growing cultivar that tolerates wind and sun well. 

Tutu Elena: deep green cupped medium leaves. Thick leaves that tolerate wind and sun well. Slower growing than many cultivars. Tends to be a bit more compact. 

New Guinea Black: limited quantities. Narrow leaves are almost black in full sun. fast growth. Will need periodic pruning to encourage branching. 

The tolerances above are for Hawai'i growing conditions. If you are in a dry area with low humidity, shade will be necessary to keep ti plants looking their best.  Place cut end in steril potting mix; you may dip in rooting hormone but it is usually not necessary. Keep moist and in medium shade. Keep moist but do not leave in standing water. 

Certified to ship to all 50 US states.

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