Brosimum alicastrum (Mayan Breadnut) 4x4x10 inch tree pot

Large tree bearing edible nuts about the size of a filbert; thin shells are easy to crack. Thin layer of flesh around the seed may be edible too.  Native to tropical areas of Mexico and Central America.  Full sun. Soil with good drainage. Use a complete fertilizer with micronutrients. Slightly acidic soil. Once established, growth rates are moderate.  I do not expect this species to tolerate prolonged periods of cool weather.  Outdoors in Zones 10B to 11. 

Grown in 4x4x10 inch tree pots. Stems are typically 2ft to 3.5 ft. tall. Shipping weight 3.5 lbs. 

Certified to ship to all 50 US states.

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