Garcinia gummi-gutta (Gamboge) 4x4x10inch tree pot

Syn: Garcinia cambogia. Common Names gamboge.  Thin layer of edible flesh. Peel is dried and used as a flavoring in curries.  Peel extract is used in diet pills.  Fruits ripen to orange and are deeply ribbed.  Small to medium tree native to India and SE Asia. New growth is red and matures to deep green. Usually only 1 tree is needed for fruit set for this species. Acidic soil. Use a fertlizer with iron, magnesium and micro-nutrients.  Young plants need light to medium shade but mature plants can be grown in full sun.   Requires tropical conditions and we do not expect this species to tolerate cool temperatures or frost.  Outdoors in Zone 11 and 12. 

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